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Grimm Premiere Review

GRIMM IS BACK. Where did we leave off? Adalind the hexenbeast sleeps with Nick before the wedding “disguised” as Juliette. Trubel cuts off the head of the guy that shot Renard then heads to Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding where everyone is volg’d (sp?) and she drops the vile that Adalind gave her to ‘save’ Nick.

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Constantine Premiere Review

Constantine. The chain-smoking demon-reaper. Well, kinda. You know the Hashtag reviews. Short and sweet, so here goes: Constantine’s premiere was a nice start, an oddly slow burn for how much action was going on during most sequences. Funny, witty, kinda Supernatural-ey, it’s popcorn angels/demons. We need more shows in this genre, but being on Network

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Gotham 9-22 [Review]

We previewed Gotham for you last week with our NYCC preview. Last night was an EPIC night of television, starting things off was GOTHAM. Here is a look at some of the characters. [su_custom_gallery source=”media: 6595,6600,6599,6598,6597,6596″ limit=”100″ link=”lightbox” target=”blank” width=”150″ height=”150″ title=”always”] By now you’ve probably seen a few reviews of the show, but if

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