Agent Carter is the Hero Everyone Needs

Last night the first for seven episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter aired on ABC. This two hour premiere took viewers back to the 1940s and Captain America’s lost love, Agent Peggy Carter.

But Peggy Carter is more than just than just the lost love of an Avenger. So much more. Within the first 5 minutes of the episode Agent Carter lets us know that she is a strong, independent woman full of spirit, compassion, and certainly doesn’t need your help.

and it’s amazing.

“Agent Carter” takes us to the aftermath of World War II. Steve Rogers is chilling under several feet of ice (presumed dead), the war is over, Howard Stark is under fire for allegedly selling weapons to the bad guys. Peggy (Hayley Atwell) is working as an Agent at the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


Several things stand out at once: Peggy is the only woman in the office and the men around her don’t respect her. The war is over, and while no one denies that Peggy had her play in it, it doesn’t matter much anymore. Her fellow agents would rather her pour coffee and file papers (because she’s “so good at it”}, than rely on her experience and knowledge. But Agent Carter does not need your help. Fellow Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) tries to come to her aid, but she shoots him down.

Howard Stark is being investigated because several of his weapons ended up in enemy hands. He has no idea how this happened, but the government isn’t buying it. Howard approaches his good friend Agent Peggy Carter to do some investigating while he disappears.

Peggy is set up with Jarvis, the butler (who is amazing and hilarious in his own right) and together they try to stop a superbomb from getting into the wrong hands.

While Peggy is doing this all under cover with out the knowledge of her co workers, the other agents at the SSR start investigating the same situation. Peggy runs circles around them. She is constantly one step ahead of them, partly because she got a jump start on the case, but mostly because she’s just that good. No seriously.

Agent Carter doesn’t hold back. She stands up for her friends (i.e. nearly killing a man with a fork because he was sexually harassing her friend), and is intensely compassionate. She’s also one heck of a fighter too.

Agent Carter is the show that everyone needs to watch this winter. Peggy Carter is a strong, beautiful female in a man’s world, yet she doesn’t let that get her down. She is a role model to, not just women looking for a hero in the Marvel Universe, she is for everyone.

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