Gotham 9-22 [Review]

We previewed Gotham for you last week with our NYCC preview. Last night was an EPIC night of television, starting things off was GOTHAM.

Here is a look at some of the characters.

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By now you’ve probably seen a few reviews of the show, but if you haven’t here’s the quick and dirty: Batman is a super hero, you’ve seen the 37 films and the animated series. You know his parents got shot in a dark alley, but that’s about it. Gotham attempts to give you the story of the city that built the heroes that we love and the characters that we have been seeing over the last 30 years in Hollywood. It’s essentially a prequel to all of the films and comics and attempts to give you a fully fleshed out history on the city of Gotham, from the creation and elevation of Falcone the mob boss to the up-and-coming detective Jim Gordon. We get a little penguin, a possible young Joker, Poison Ivy (with a weird backstory), Catwoman (who apparently saw the Wayne family killed…), tiny Batman (the kid from Touch, sad that series got cancelled but glad to see he is working on another project.

Here’s the problem, without the taste of superhero, it’s just another cop drama. I never bail after one episode, but this show will have to really blossom after the series opener. We had the same response to Agents of Shield, but they were able to introduce a lot of superhero elements AND we had Coulson… BUT I will say, I enjoyed the look & feel, I like the casting and I’m very eager to see what kind of interpersonal connections we get between the kids.

What did you guys think?

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