Grimm Premiere Review


Where did we leave off? Adalind the hexenbeast sleeps with Nick before the wedding “disguised” as Juliette. Trubel cuts off the head of the guy that shot Renard then heads to Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding where everyone is volg’d (sp?) and she drops the vile that Adalind gave her to ‘save’ Nick. It seems like he is without Grimm-ness.

Where are we now? #kindaspoilery Adalind is on the way back to Europe, Renard is in the Hospital….maybe dying….. Some Cthulu dude sucks memories so Nick has to rely on Trubel for her Grimm-ness. I’m excited for another season, great episode to bring us back. Stick with this one. Fridays at 9pm on NBC.


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