Sense8, two episodes in review, not summary

I’m going to do a few of these since I don’t have binge-watch time right now.

Made it through the first two episodes last night. Well…almost. Let me begin at the beginning:

Sense8 is about a group of people linked together, presumably born at the exact same time into a sort of cluster or hive. (Sensates)

Overarching tones that we get hit over the head with: they have a weird psychic link, and some of them are gay.

Starting off with a super hot lesbian d*ldo funfest and ending with the revelation that the suave macho male actor, as expected (it is telegraphed like a punch in slo-mo), had a male lover. (remember i’m only through 2 episodes, I know there’s an orgy in episode 6)

This has transsexuals, gays, lesbians and each straight character even gets to walk a mile in gay shoes while they’re in the heads of their gay hive-mates.

I guess this brings to light a lot of issues faced by the LGBTQ community in something of a supernatural thriller,  it’s fascinating to watch, on that level.

It is gritty, hypersexual, and very emotional. Lots of random TV actors you never realized that you missed:

amlameenAml Ameen – Malcolm from Harry’s Law

doonabaeDoona Bae – the cool dreadlock asian chick from the invisible bike on Jupiter Ascending, also the clone girl from Cloud Atlas

jamieclaytonJamie Clayton – if you recall she was on the show Hung for a bit

tinadesaiTina Desai – the adorable love interest of Sonny from Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

tuppencemiddletonTuppence Middleton – also from Jupiter Ascending, she played the seeester Abraxus. She was also in Imitation Game.

briansmithBrian Smith – from Stargate!

freemaagyemanFreema Agyeman – DOCTOR WHO’s Martha Jones, my second least favorite companion next to Donna. I know, I take a lot of crap about that from Christy.

darylhannahDaryl Hannah – I can’t believe she works as much as she does, I had no idea! But she’s in this and a PRETTY big focal point. If you don’t know who she is, I don’t know what to tell you.

naveen andrewsand Naveen Andrews who of course was Sayid on Lost.

The rest, I have no clue, but I’m really stoked to finish the series, it is very refreshing. Weird, frenetic, techno-sexual [So, typical Wachowskis] but definitely worth a watch.



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