March 2013

Les “Militaribles”

This is something my Mom showed me and I thought it was great! The South Korean Air Force made a parody of Les Miserables entitled “Les Militaribles”. Instead of criminals working for their captors, in this version, it is soldiers having to shovel the snow to clear an airfield, and it keeps snowing so they …

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Arrested Development

Even though the weather gets colder instead of showing us some love from spring, we are getting closer to May, which means we are only a month away from watching new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix! First of all, I must say that I appreciate Netflix. Yes, Netflix, you. I appreciate you for streaming …

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What the snack?

Um. Yes please. GET IN MY FACE! Creamy, crunchy, chewy, ooey, gooey, Amazing. Chocolate hand-dipped sandwich of Reese’s peanut butter cup and an Oreo, from Justin’s Bakeshop in Arlington, VA. Limited time only (get them Sat/Sun or wait a long time!

Peabody Award Winners Announced; “Girls,” “Doctor Who,” and “Louie” Inculded

The Peabody awards, present by  the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Media and Journalism, recognizes excellence in electronic media such as television, radio, and news. Thirty-nine awards were given out this year to a diverse group of people and projects based on their excellence in their field or their contributions to society. The Peabody award …

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Get Down With Some Trock

Never under estimate the power of a nerd and a guitar. Today’s special Doctor Who post is about Trock, or Time Lord Rock. Yes, people make music about Doctor Who. Yes it’s Fantastic. Yes, you should listen to it. Similar to Wrock (Wizard Rock, music based on the Harry Potter series), Trock is music that …

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