Wonder Woman – Movie Review

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If you haven’t seen this in theaters, do it, do it now, then do it again tomorrow.

I absolutely loved this movie. It’s empowering and shows a very underrepresented strong, confident yet vulnerable woman. She’s beautiful, powerful, and wonderful. In the tradition of female badass characters like any character Lena Headey has every portrayed, Mad Max’s Furiosa, Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Katniss, Rey and of course, Ripley, Gal Gadot carries the torch superbly in this film adaptation of the classic comic book series Wonder Woman, from DC Comics.

DC will probably not pick up exactly from the books, given the success of the movie and the inspiration it is providing to countless girls across the globe. Just like 10 years ago when every boy wanted to be Iron Man I saw DOZENS of girls at AwesomeCon dressed up as Wonder Woman with their shields, it was delightful. In the comics, Diana actually has a brother (meant to be “the chosen one”) and a black twin sister called Nubia. Diana said to be made from white clay, Nubia from black clay, molded by the gods, each claiming to be the true Wonder Woman, etc. Nubia I think made her first appearance in the early 70s somewhere near issue 200 of WW.

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