Wilfred Season Premiere Review

This season of Wilfred started out with Ryan (Elijah Wood) looking over a pieced together schematic of Wilfred like a cop investigating a crime. At the center of this web, is a drawing that Ryan drew as a kid which has Wilfred mysteriously drawn into the background. Wilfred enters in his typical inappropriate way and Ryan tells him what he has learned. He theorizes things like time travel and childhood premonitions but then concludes that he has a mental illness. Wilfred makes his case that he is real or some magical being by asking Ryan “if you finally figured out that I’m in your head… Why am I still here?” So in this season premiere, Ryan and Wilfred set out to discover if Wilfred is in fact a magical being or if he just exists in Ryan’s mind by visiting his former owner. When they visit his former owner, they discover that Wilfred has a clone that replaced him when he left. This makes the mind-bending episode even more tricky. Questions pile onto more questions, but in the end, you choose to ignore what Wilfred may or may not be and just enjoy the fact that a dog has taken human form and likes to smoke pot and do inappropriate things. If you’re a dog owner who isn’t watching this show, you’re missing out.

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