True Blood ep #2 Recap: That escalated quickly.

Not to brag and say I didn’t call it, but I totally called it. The second episode plot lines are planted and expected to grow into the ridiculously dramatic, ideally violent, and inevitably nude stories in little Bon Temps. So, let’s reflect.

Apparently Jason wasn’t riding with the ancient vampire Warlow, but was instead hanging out with his Fairy Grandfather. Who I am a big fan of because straight up calls out Jason moronic endeavors less than a minute into introducing himself.
has no time for your shit Jason.
Long story short, Warlow has a history of hunting the Stackhouse family due to their recently revealed Fairy royal lineage. After dashing Jason’s title of being fairy prince by stating his lack of power, Sookie apparently has the ability to possess a Kamehameha wave that kills all vampires it hits.


We finally have some subtexts on how fairies and vampires work without having to visit a carnival like fairy den for once. On an earlier note, how is Sookie not fired and/or murdered by Arlene? I got fired for failing to give a 3 week notice about a missed shift. ( I thought 2 weeks was plenty of time to give a replacement for one scheduled missed afternoon)Sookie I don’t think has worked at Merlottes for like 2 seasons. How is she on the payroll still? Assisting in one of the supposedly dozens of supernatural men littered around Louisiana like every seasons so far, Sookie meets a half fairy named Ben. After a Nicholas Sparks inspired couple of scenes, the too depart as if they aren’t going to see each other again. What with Ben heading to Fairy carnival land and Sookie going everywhere but to safety and work.

based on the acclaimed novel.

Speaking of Merlottes and negligence, Arlene and Terry blatantly lie to the Patricks Wife about him running off with another woman. Then again if I was a PTSD fry cook who just wanted a normal day, that story rolls of the tongue much better than talking about a sacrificial death to a middle eastern Fire demon. We only got one scene with new Pappa Bellefleur, but something about an old fat southern sheriff falling to his knees yelling at the sky while his fairy children jumping around is truly magical.

Trojans. everytime. regardless of supernatural.

Sam gets confronted at work by some hippie vagabond who tries to get him to “come out” to help support the cause of equality amongst shifters, vamps, etc. Because (hurray for metaphors) “coming out” usually leads to death for mythical creatures, Sam adamantly rejects the offer. Lafayette is by far my favorite supernatural trooper. He deals with all the nonsense in the town, and manages to do so gracefully. The newest endeavor being babysitting Emma the werecub while hiding out at Sam’s place. Which he rocks at.

Best babysitter ever.

Which naturally goes down the drain when Alcide and Werewolf company take Emma away to be raised with the Werewolves. Emma’s going to be developing some real issues after being the supernatural hot potato for the past 2 seasons.

Erik and family discover the newest weapon humans are developing, the very cool silver bullet that emits UV light. So good work human ingenuity. After ending the constant cat fights of Pam and Nora, Erik heads off to deal with the Louisiana Governor who is stripping away vampires rights. By  acting like a environmentalist he ran into to get access into the house.

master of disguise

He fails after finding out Humans now have Anti-glamor contacts. Again, very cool. So he gets arrested and (not surprisingly) dashes off. Cause he’s an ancient vampire…they do that…C’mon humans. You know they do that.

And finally, Jessica has to deal with the constant emotional roller coaster ride she’s put on by Bill. After last weeks episode, we find out Bill can see the future and Lillith actually did chose him rather than him just having a fever dream. Bill now can feel all the pain of the other vampires being hunted by humans, and has visiosn of their demise. Including the True Death of the vampires he personally knows. It’s a type of responsibility that actually makes me feel sorry for him for a little bit. Until he turns a blood giving call girl into a human slurpee. That loses a couple pity points with me.


This episode actually had me looking forward to next weeks. What’s fairy Granpa going to do to help Sookie and our beautiful idiot bro from Warlow? Sam’s going to be fighting the very devout and semi crazy werewolves, and Jessica has to deal with the demi God that is her maker and his newfound powers. A lot is ¬†happening, it gets a little dizzying, but hopefully we’ll be given new questions while old ones get answered.

I give it a solid 7/10 this week. Grounded and set in motion the plot, but I could live without the new characters being introduced. It’s season 6, we know they won’t be around long so I really can’t even have a chance to care.

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