When Will We Be Able to Host In-Person Gaming Tournaments Again?

There’s no doubt we are all anxious to come together to play our tournaments. RPGs, MtG, and other board games are all more fun when we can set up a tournament and play until the best is left at the first table.

Currently, we are still operating under Executive Order 72 which limits “gatherings” to 10 or fewer. Those restrictions pretty much put a damper on holding tournaments for now, but we are planning to host events as soon as Virginia’s governor eases restrictions.

As we all wait impatiently for that to happen, sign up for updates and be the first to know when new events hit the calendar.

In the meantime, board games are the perfect pandemic pastime so check out our selection online or in-person (yes, you can stop in but we have to manage how many people are in the store at once so be patient!). We are also happy to fulfill your order and bring it to you, curbside.

Let’s all continue to mask-up, follow guidelines, and adhere to protocols to speed the end of this pandemic and get back to tournaments!

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