True Blood Episode #4: Stranger Danger.

The weekly (semi-late) review and recap of this weeks Dateline themed episode of True Blood. Allons-y.

Starting with the werewolves and their incompetence at child rearing. Seriously, it takes one guy to come in and snatch away a kid. They live on what looks like a redneck werewolf looking compound, it seriously should not be that hard for a child and an already badly injured Nicole to escape from. Which ended with Sam and Lafayette mildly bandaging college girls leg before limping off into the road.What bothered me was she was leaving, LEAVING. Her and her partially devoured friends never to be heard from again. But no, Sam turns into a freaking horse and takes her away to hotel or something. Which ended with Sam lamenting about Luna’s death and never wanting to forget her, and then starts making out with Nicole. Because of reasons.
and technical bestiality.

We have the Northman vampire group running around like champs. After a quick interrogation scene, Erik find Willa at a carnival. A carnival. That’s where Tara hid her. *slow clap* Erik does the whole “Vampire and sexual innocence” schpeal with Willa and decides to make her a vampire. After dramatically using a crucifixes to get blood, he drinks Willa like a capri sun and the two take a nap. Leaving Pam and Tara to bicker about something very loudly at night, with Tara storming off, like what she usually does for the past 6 seasons. Right before the Vampire SWAT team takes down Pam. Predicting another awkward “save Pam” rescue party in future episodes.
Erik sends a very sexually frustrated Willa back home as a liaison, wehere she is detained and sent to the Vampire camp immediately by Mrs. Newlin.
no surprise here.

Andy’s 4 fairy children aren’t children anymore, after growing (conveniently in the dark) into young adults after Andy put them to bed. Seeking adventure and fun before they grow any more, the steal Dads car and joy ride to the closest shady gas station for beer. Where they are interceptive by Jessica, who easily persuades the technically week old fairies to come “party at her house. AKA, the beginning of any lifetime movie. Why don't you take a seat.

Bill takes the blood of the fairies and has the blood synthesizer pervy professor locked away in his basement. Like a normal lunatic vampire. Fairy blood apparently de-superfies itself and is highly unstable, so their isn’t any way to turn it into the new True Blood formula. One of the bigger surprises this episode is Jessica going bat**** crazy and drained them like a Capri Sun packet. My money was on Bill doing that, but holy crap Jessica, pull yourself together. Andy is not going to deal with his kids dead, he became very attached to them surprisingly.
dont eat after midnight

Lastly we have the Stackhouse shenanigans. Sookie does some detective work after finding Ben’s blood on the floor, and makes the connection that he was the one who attacked the fairy carnival. Jason’s male on male sex dreams was predictable (due to previous seasons Sam and Bill blood swapping) yet still entertaining. Especially when he asks his Great fairy grandfather who doesn’t even like Jason that much advice on when one does have a homoerotic sex dream.

But somehow the topic switches to Fairy/Vampire hybrids that exist. Pops and Jason go out hunting for Ben, who reveals his identity as Warlow before locking Grandpa up in the trunk. Sookie invites Ben/Walow to dinner, and prepares some liquid silver in his meal as a precaution. To honest after Ben ate it no sweat, I thought Sookie figured “Yup, all’s good.” and decided to make out with Ben. Pleasant surprise when we see she has a Supernova all reeved up for him midway through face mashing time.
Use protection yadda yadda

Final thoughts and Predictions: Whole lot of business is going on in the south.

I’m curious to see what Bill’s going to do with the drained fairies he kind of needed in ordere to resupply True Blood for everyone.

It’s only episode 4, so Ben is definitely not going to get blasted with fairy power until later.

Erik..I don’t know, probably try and save Pam. Maybe.

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