A late review of the Oscar’s

I just love award shows. I post my predictions days before on every social media outlet there is, invite people over, watch the red carpet, watch aaaall of the cheesy interviews, comment on what everyone is wearing, listen to every acceptance speech as if they are giving the answers for my astronomy final. So, long story short, I do the whole thing. And of course, Oscars are the biggest night of all, it’s like my Super Bowl. I’m not going to discuss who won and lost, who really deserved it, and who didn’t (at least I will try not to), but as I an average TV audience, I will comment on the show overall.



First of all, I have to give credit where credit is due: Seth MacFarlane did a much better job than Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I know a lot a people hated it, but “We Saw Your Boob” song was kind of funny. Come on guys, you know it was.

The whole theme thing did not work, with the exception of the Jaws Theme Song that they used to cut people’s speeches off. That was really funny. I am going to start doing that to my mom, when she starts talking about stuff I really don’t want to hear, which is about everything she says. When they first announced that there was going to be theme, I really expected it to be like themed party kind of thing. So, that didn’t happen. Moving on…

I still haven’t decided if I like Anne Hathaway’s crying face at the awards better than Claire Danes’ in Homeland. What do you think?

 anne-hathaway-short-hair-crying-in-les-miserables-2012  TiiY6

Jennifer Lawrence winning the best actress was a big surprise for me. I know she won at the Globes and the SAG, but I really didn’t expect her to win with Silver Linings Playbook. I mean, I love J-Law, but she deserved an Oscar more with the Winter’s Bone, and Emmanuelle Riva did a hell of a job in Amour. I guess Riva would have won, if Amour was a US made film. Anyway, I felt bad for her after she fell on the stairs , but she did manage to keep it cool.

I loved how Meryl Streep was super cool about announcing the best actor. Yeah, she opened the envelope while everyone else was watching the video, and gave the golden little guy to Daniel Day-Lewis like a boss.

Even though I didn’t like the theme stuff, seeing Adele, Jennifer Hudson, and Barbra Streisand perform was kind of b-e-a-u-tiful.

Last but not least, this is funny:











Image: 9gag.

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