The Return of Board Game Popularity – Here Are My Favorites

While gaming consoles seem to get all of the attention, board games are the preferred way to bring friends and family together for hours of friendly competition. While there’s nothing wrong with the classics, like Clue or Monopoly, there are dozens of exciting board games to ignite imaginations and engage all ages.

With little setup and space required, there is always room to host a game night. No Internet, no power requirements, and all the pieces are in one box. I can’t promise that the competition won’t get heated, but you can create new memories – and bragging rights.

New board games are hitting the shelves each year, so I’m sharing some of my favorites along with modern twists on the classics–may the cards fall in your favor.

You might assume that racing tokens around a board doesn’t have much strategy, yet Formula D brings the technical elements of Formula One racing right to your table. Plan pit stops, get penalized for bad driving, contend with track debris and more as you race around the track in search of the checkered flag. With up to 10 cars on the track, there’s sure to be a wreck!

It may hit a little close to home, but Pandemic offers players the chance to be in control of the spread of super diseases. While challenging, Pandemic is accessible and encourages both strategy and collaboration. Give it an hour and you’ll be hooked and determined to stop the spread of the next disease. And when you’re ready to take on different mutations of the game, there are more than a dozen variations to capture your imagination.

Speaking of scary, ever thought about how you would fare as a character in a horror flick? Betrayal at House on the Hill sets players in a mansion where things start to go horribly wrong. If you like tension and being kept on your toes, this game will have you fearing what’s around the corner. Alliances will be made and broken while calamities await.

If you think about it, Monopoly was the original resource management game. Today there are many versions of the classic to entice a new generation into real estate. The Mandalorian Edition comes complete with Baby Yoda, as players soar through the galaxy. The Cheaters Edition finally encourages you to cut corners and get shady to win – this one is sure to heat up!

For an easier game with broad family appeal and a chill vibe, Ticket to Ride is a cross-country adventure game where the object is to see the most cities in North America–but you have just seven days. There is plenty of strategy to earning points and securing the best routes, plus there are a variety of editions to entice younger players as well as world travelers.

Board games have made a resurgence in recent years and it can be overwhelming as to where to start. But really, you can’t go wrong so long as you are gathered with friends and family in pursuit of fun and memories.

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