Elevation burgers. Stop reading, just go to the closets one you can find ASAP.

Elevation burgers. Stop reading, just go to the closets one you can find ASAP.

Alright, just stop reading this and go to either Falls Church, Tyson’s Corner, Fair Oaks, or Arlington and order yourself an elevation burger ASAP!

I’m a huge burger fan, so naturally I hit up the more popular areas if I’m looking for a big filling meal before a sporting event, or something to jumpstart my nap. Meaning I head over to Five Guys when able.

But my mind has changed to once I visited the Elevation Burger joint in Tysons Corner a little bit ago. I’m not so much a health freak, and organic food is good for you, but it’s more on the pricey end compared to other foods. But the 100% free range and 100% organic ingredients found in an Elevation burger are 100% freakin’ delicious! While managing to be priced around $5-$8 depending on your assorted burger toppings preference. Think of a Five Guys burger, but significantly better for you and one that doesn’t act like a sedative.

Every meal of every day

If you’ve never been, it’s a casual dining place where you can see your burger being prepared. The meat is a healthy pink that’s been freshly grated, and all the vegetables are fresh and crispy, no sogginess or lackluster veggie goo found in other places. The elevation sauce is very similar tasting to a McDonalds Big mac, but with a thicker consistency and more kick. There’s nothing like knowing you paid the minimal price for one of the freshest looking burgers in the area.


For vegetarians and vegans, as a red blooded carnivore I can say that the vegan and vegetarian alternatives are just as filling and delicious as the meat patties. They don’t taste dry or stale like common vegetarian patties, they have loads of different flavors and savory sauces.


You should’ve been done reading this by now, take my word for it, go to Elevation NOW! IF you’re already a fan, or think I’m dead wrong, vote for YOUR favorite burger joint in at Concession Tv’s Beltway Battle.

Why are you still reading this? It’s dinner time somewhere, Vamanos!

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