Which Butterbeer? Your guide to Harry Potter deliciousness

Summer is here and everyone can’t wait to go on vactaion. The best vacation spot for any Nerd is Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida is any Harry Potter fan’s dream come true. It is extremely detailed and is sure to reduce any Harry Potter fan to tears (I mean seeing pictures of Hogwarts is one thing but being there? Completely different. Trust me. You’ll cry).

There is one choice that every park goer will face: Which Butterbeer do I get? The park offers three different types of the famous drink from the books, and a Butterbeer flavored ice cream. Here is your go-to guide on Which Butterbeer.

Of course you could have all four until your stomach explodes, but just incase you are bad at decisions, we’ve made a handy guide of all the varieties of Butterbeer.

1. Cold Butterbeer


This is your standard Butterbeer. It tastes like a butterscotch creme soda. It is orange and bubbly and very refreshing. The best part is the cream. Poured from a separate fountain than the soda, the cream is thick and sweet. This is what makes the Butterbeer. With out the cream it’s just a tasty soda, but this stuff brings it to that magical level. Taking that first sip, gazing at Hogwarts castle up on the hill, with Hedwig’s theme filling the air, this refreshing version will make any Potter fan feel like they are part of the world. Get the cold Butterbeer in any of the Harry Potter themed restaurants or from the Butterbeer barrel carts!

2. Frozen Butterbeer


Frozen Butterbeer is definitely the go to choice for summer park goers. For a few extra dollars you can get this frozen treat in a souvenir mug (which will get you dollar refills on soft drinks anywhere in the parks!). The Frozen version is the cold Butterbeer, but as an slushy. You still get the cream and it’s just as good. Many summer time park goers cite this version as the best because of it’s instant cooling abilities, but still gives you that unique Harry Potter experience. Make sure to pick up your Frozen Butterbeer in the Butterbeer barrel carts!

3. Warm Butterbeer


Now this is the way Butterbeer is supposed to be. JK Rowling initially disagreed with the park’s decision to sell cold and frozen versions of the iconic drink because it’s supposed to be served warm. But that doesn’t really go with the hot Florida weather, now does it? For those who want the true Harry Potter experience pick up the warm version. It’s like a butterscotch hot chocolate. With the sweet foam, it’s smooth all the way down. Probably not the best for a hot July day, but it’s great during the winter months! Pick up your hot Butterbeer in any of the Harry Potter themed restaurants or at the Fountain of Fair Fortune!

4. Butterbeer Ice Cream


Now, this isn’t a drink, but its definitely worth mentioning. Butterbeer ice cream tastes like a dream. This is a must for anyone who likes sweets. Stop by Florean Fortescue’s in Diagon Alley and pick up a cup of this soft serve ice cream and you’ll never want to eat anything else. You know that delicious cream that’s on top of the drink?  It’s that but with a hint of butterscotch.  Do not pass this up. Grad a cup and make your way over the the Hopping Pot and have a seat because you’ll need to sit down for this.

Which Butterbeer is your favorite?

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