Warm Bodies

For those of us who can’t afford to go to the movies, or just choose not to because of how expensive it is, I have decided to review the films that are On Demand (Verizon Fios is my provider) for the readers of Hashtag Studios. That way, when you sit down at home and order a movie, you know what you’re paying for.

To put it simply, Warm Bodies is a film about zombies. The main character is a zombie who doesn’t remember really anything from his past life. His name, R, is given to him by a girl named Julie. When he meets Julie, it’s love at first sight, and because R has an attraction to Julie, he starts to express his feelings externally. She is about to be killed until he saves her by smearing blood on her face. This prevents the other zombies from smelling her. He brings her to the airport (where he and all the other zombies walk) and keeps her safe in an airplane. It’s an unorthodox love story as Julie starts to slowly fall in love with him as his humanity slowly starts to return to him.

Right away, this film had me hooked. The conflict is immediately introduced; R is the main character and narrator. He expresses how much he hates his life as a zombie and doesn’t remember much from his past as a living, breathing human being. He contemplates his current situation. He wonders what life was like before he was turned into a zombie, what human emotions were like, and who other zombies were when they were human. He hates eating humans but has to do it to survive. It’s also the only joy he gets out of life anymore and it leads him to Julie.

If you’re an action movie lover, a zombie movie lover, or a romance movie lover, then you will love this movie.

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