Ugh. Wendy, what are you doing…

They gave 4 “foodie” twig bloggers the royal treatment, ones that don’t eat fast food, great idea to have them come in and give their opinion on a new fast food item. Are you changing your image like Cafe McDonalds? NO you’re just giving us a new menu item to try and capture some more market presence. I hate to tell you, these girls will never go into a Wendys, whereas I hit it 3-5 times a week. If you had breakfast within 50 miles of my office, I’d probably double that number. But NO, instead of giving some free sh*t to Daym Drops and my fat ass, you give it to Bloggerella and the Bratz pack.

This video infuriates me almost as much as their shitty new sandwich.

Doubt that Wendy’s studio sponsorship will be coming through anytime soon, but I don’t get paid to be nice or pander.

I can distinguish fast food items based upon scent three rooms away, “Oh, Joe is having a wendys burger and……yep he got the combo”, these girls would probably say “oh gross, who got fast food”.

One thumb down, one thumb in the bad place. This video gets the elephant walk.


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