New Wendy’s Flatbread

AKA- Please stop.

Here’s a list of things you should order from Wendy’s:

Spicy Chicken Sandwich (add bacon and onions -grilled if possible-, hold the tomato)




French Fries (ask them to double fry, it’s the tits)

Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t order from Wendy’s:

These new bastards they try to pass as sandwiches. The Asiago Ranch and the Smoky Honey Mustard.

Stop trying to be Subway or Panera, your bread isn’t good enough, the mouthfeel is gross, the sandwich is messy and HELLO your sandwich has 6 square inches of facemeat on the first bite. The thing you call a flatbread is either freezing or cold, the chicken isn’t hot, and there’s only so much you can get from a tomato, considering I hate tomato on these kinds of sandwiches. BTW please stop serving it to me on my chicken sandwich. those should have mayo and lettuce, I’d go as far as saying you should have lettuce, onion and mayo standard on all chicken sandwiches but that’s just me.

Moral of the story, you gave us a fatty cow milk cheese (asiago), bacon, and a high calorie condiment (ranch) on one chicken fartbread and the other has a weird smoky tangy mustard sauce that doesn’t mesh well with the taste of the bread at all. I don’t know who picks your battles, but you certainly lost this one. If i want a flatbread I’ll go to the grocery store, Subway bastardized it and Panera makes me feel uncomfortable because I’m not stealing wifi and staying for 8 hours because i’m pretending to have an office. Sea salt fries was your last great idea, call me if you want the next one.

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