True Blood Season Premier: The Return of Billith [Spoilers. Duh]

True Blood couldn’t have come back sooner. I need something to fill the HBO void that Game of Thrones left behind a couple weeks ago. Especially since season 5 ended on a cliff hanger of Bill drinking the entire bottle of blood from the vampire Goddess Lilith, and turning into..well..Billith. Here’s a recap with thoughts.

Season 6 starts off immediately where it left off. Erik and Sookie sprint away from Billith to meet up with the rest of the inept, yet still surviving, gang. Nora (Erik’s sister/lover/ex religious extremist) trying to get Jessica, Jason, Pam and Tara out of the compound was basically like herding cats. Sookie and Erik some how escape and pick the group up, but not before witnessing Billith escaping the compound too. Which I don’t know why they stopped to stare at the evil reincarnate that was staring right at them.



Jason apparently rekindled his hatred for vampires (despite having mostly vampire allies, sleeping repeatedly with vampires, and generally getting along with most of them until recently) generally annoyed the Vampire populated car. Especially after the the newly introduced Governor announced hostile demands on vampires including a curfew, stay inside all night, and the closure of all vampire run businesses. After a dramatic showdown about how Sookie is betraying her by helping vampers instead of her own  kind yadda yadda, our beautiful idiot runs off into the night. Alone. With less than 6 wooden bullets. Where the painfully obvious bad guy and main antagonist Warlow happens to pick him up.

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 6.31.12 PM


After Jessica nearly has her insides become her outsides, she leads Erik, Nora and Sookie to Bill’s house. Where we find him all cleaned up, clothed, and waiting. This bothered me because you can’t hype up an ancient vampire God who is Hell bent on destruction  digress into a southern gentleman. Then after a horribly botched sneak attack by Erik, resulted in the Romanian three way pictured below.

Romanian Three way

Jessica realigns with her maker, and Erik drops Sookie off after dramatically returning her home back.
Now let us focus on the whole other crazy plot lines circling around this Louisiana town. Starting with Alcide. Nothing really much happened honestly, they do the relatively normal thing of eating the pack master and running around naked. Where a mild cat fight amongst wolves ended in an three way. The regular kind i’d imagine. I don’t know how the sex life of a werewolf pack goes.


In Bon Temps, Andy Bellefleur gets parenting advice from Arlene and Terry about how to raise the 4 fairy children that he has a one night stand with a Fairy. We soon find out that even if they’re half human, fairy children grow at an incredibly rapid pace. Because thank God, we already had Luna’s annoying kid, no reason to add more.

My shared reaction when seeing children on HBO.

Speaking of, Luna’s death seemed a little..surprising. She seemed basically alright after skin walking as Steve Newlin, but apparently getting from point A to B was enough for her to kick the bucket. I didn’t mind Luna, she was the only link to shape shifters that wasn’t a redneck. So after dropping by Merlottes we finally see Lafayette for a whole 3 minutes.


Lafayette as a potential witch is much more appealing than just being the sassy gay cook throwing out one liners when needed. Who is now the orphan wolf babysitter. I feel like keeping a kid in the bar that has a disturbing amount of death happening in it’s vicinity might be another poor life choice for Sam.

Back to Billith and Jessica, the episode capped off with Lilith dropping by once again and double (technically triple) timing Bill.



So yeah, looks like this will be an eventful season. There are two less episodes this season, and it seemed like the premier was the stepping stone for the season. I enjoyed the different directions and events happening to whole cast while this Vampire war looms in the distance. Was not a fan of souther gentleman/Bilith  switch. I hope more exploration into the Lilith and Warlow story lines interconnect, cause vamperic civil unrest is best unrest. Plus the multiple characters and plots could end up stretching the viewers interest.
All in all, I give it a 5.5/10 for the strong direction but lacking in explanation. It was a stepping episode for the season, which will hopefully be  more plot centered quality rather than depending on hot naked people.

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