Possible Spider-Man 4 Storyboards Revealed

With his smash hit in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man seems to be getting a bit of a comeback especially with the Web-head getting his own stand alone movie coming  in 2017 entitled Spider-Man: Homecoming.

New Images recently surfaced recently showing story-boards for Spider-Man 4 which was canceled after the backlash of Spider-Man 3.  The images revealed him doing battle with The Vulture who is highly rumored to be in Homecoming and being portrayed by Michael Keaton.


Other images show a run in with Mysterio, a magician turned super-villain, who uses Illusions to combat the Web-Swinger; as well as Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. for people do not know who Felicia Hardy is, She acts as a love interest to Parker in the comics as almost his own Catwoman. She is well a Cat Burglar who walks a tight line between good and bad. And just like how Catwoman constantly tries to seduce Batman, Black Cat loves to play with her spider friend despite his strong stance for justice. Now this being said Felicia did make a cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which came out about two years ago.


spider-man-4-storyboards-Black Cat

So do you wish there was a Spider-Man 4 or are you glad things turned out the way they did. Comment below and let us know. In the need of some Spidey action then check out Captain America: Civil War out now. Also see the original article for more information.

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