Pop Culture Characters with Braces for Cosplay

It came up today. A good friend of mine has to get braces and wear them for 2 years. She might be able to get the cool invisible ones that blend in with your teeth, but just in case I thought I’d make her a list of non-human characters that have worn braces to give her some ideas about possible cosplay. Note: This doesn’t mean people with braces have to cosplay characters with braces. If that were the case I’d make one of the badass girls in my next comic wear braces. I might do that anyway. Here’s a list I have compiled after scouring the internet.

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What I found was Tootie from Fairly Oddparents, Sharon from Braceface, Chuckie from Rugrats “All Grown Up” (it’s not the baby version), Darla from Finding Nemo, Young Mike Wazowski from Monsters University. Anime had no braces, because apparently they don’t care, often making it an endearing trait calling them Cute Little Fangs and other adorable names.

Comment if you know more!



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