Nate’s Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad arrived this past weekend with much anticipation and with Batman v. Superman not receiving a lot of love, fans look to Suicide Squad to give the DCEU a boost. For those who do not know the team very well, Suicide Squad is a team comprised of villains formed by government offical Amanda Waller. If one of the villains step out of line or tries to escape, Waller detonates a bomb that located in the back of their neck. Now Suicide Squad is not terrible, but It’s not all that good either. It is entertaining in spurts with fun characters. However the editing is a mess that leaves the movie as a whole just kind of meh.

Starting with the positives, Suicide Squad is a fun movie in spurts. Most of the fun comes from the cast. Margot Robbie nails the role of Harley Quinn, Will Smith brings his charisma to Deadshot and Viola Davis is quit intimidating as Amanda Waller. The rest of the cast was fine with what they were given.


Deadshot and Diablo were probably were the most fleshed out characters with emotional, yet admittedly cheesy character arcs. Harley Quinn was also given a more developed backstory involving The Joker, but her character remained static throughout the movie. The rest of the squad were given some material to work with like a romance to name one, but little time was given so it was hard to care what was happening to these characters.

One thing that was distracting with the dynamic of the team was them becoming a family throughout the movie. These characters only knew each other for six hours. This is not enough time to have them become a family. Also the fact that they are villains makes this unbelievable. In fact having them try to kill each other might of made the movie more interesting, with the characters trying to achieve the goal with not only Waller ready to kill them but also their own teammates.

Suicide Squad

What also does not work is the villain. First off the villain is not The Joker. It’s an typical end of the world entity that while a nice treat to die hard fans; the villain does come across very boring. The problem with these type of villains is that they are suppose to be this unstoppable force but yet the hero or in this case villain always end of stoping them. Because of this the defeat always feel a bit anti-climatic. Suicide Squad suffered from this problem.

Speaking of villains, The Joker is barely in this. When he is in it, it’s very tacked on. The Joker should have either remained in flashback that that were here to developed Harley or have bigger role in the overall story. Now because Joker was barely in the movie it is hard to judge him as The Clown Prince of Crime. But based on first impressions, this Joker is not too impressive. The Joker comes across a bit too gangsta and the grills are not nearly as effectively creepy as the yellow stained smile. Like stated before complete judgment will be held until more is seen from this incarnation of The Joker.


Lastly the editing in this movie is a mess. The action scenes are weirdly cut that it was hard to follow a lot of the fights. Because of this, the action sequences fell flat and bland. The uses of songs were overload. Suicide Squad spoon feeds the audience with all the songs throughout the movie. They felt forced and a desperate attempt to lighten the mood.

Overall Suicide Squad was messy. The action sequences were bland and the overall pacing of the movie as a mess. The saving grace was the acting. The cast gave the movie quit a boost despite the lack of development of the characters. However the characters are interesting enough that they should return for future movies. Overall approximately a 5.8/10.

Do you agree let us know in the comment section below. Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters.

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