Jamie Murray Day on SyFy

Yep, she crushed it on Defiance, with her sexy girl-girl sequences and “I want to do something for me” demeanor. However my happiness with seeing her on SyFy’s Warehouse 13 immediately after was tempered by the fact that I think it will probably be her last episode on that show. It was heartfelt and exciting, she has a family, a career, all the things a normal girl would want. HG, however, might not be so satisfied, so we’ll see how it plays out. Check out both Defiance and Warehouse 13 on SyFy, Monday nights starting at 9pm EST.


Like I said – SyFy is single-handedly making me watching these things live with their use of social media.

Last night’s episode of Defiance – cooooool, future sight, nanobots re-animating corpses, space ships, bathing rituals, wolverine regeneration, elkrathient, girl-castithani girl hot love, choking old women, razor rain, it was a SHOW!

Last night’s episode of Warehouse 13 – sad, but fun! claudia makes nice with the warehouse, lady deathstrike (abigail the asian shrink) doesn’t blow her cover as the monkey wrench, artie is getting more normal, mica and pete get to see HG, HG says adieu but not goodbye, prehistoric hyena jawbone artifact (#spoiler, sorry)

Well. THAT was a good night of new TV.

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