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Christy Lou Orr

How to Throw a Fantastic Doctor Who Viewing Party!

How to Throw a Fantastic Doctor Who Viewing Party!

New episodes of Doctor Who are right around the corner and those of us here at Hashtag Studios can’t freakin’ wait for it to start. All this week look out for a fun Doctor Who themed post! Today is how to throw an amazing Doctor Who themed viewing party.



No party is complete without a great atmosphere. Tardis Blue should be your color of choice! Also, if you feel like bringing some Classic Who into your party, get some streamers in the colors of the 4th Doctor’s iconic scarf!


And if you are feel particularly crafty build yourself a Tardis door for your guests to walk through!


Get your guests into the spirit by providing accessories for them to wear. Maybe some a Fez or bowties, or even some 3D glasses so they can see the Void Stuff themselves!


Here you can learn how to make your own 3D glasses!


No party is complete without food right? Doctor Who gives you a lot of options for themed food.

You could keep it simple and serve some Bow Tie pasta because bow ties ARE cool. Or how about being a bit more adventurous and serving the 11th Doctor’s favorite food, fish fingers and custard.


Or put out a tray of Jammie Dodgers, the Doctor’s favorite cookie (also doubles as Tardis self destruct button)


Make your night a bit more fun with some Doctor themed drinks!

Like the Banana Daiquiri (which the Doctor himself invented, a few centuries early). Or how about a “sonic screwdriver”  to liven the evening  up?

And finally, give your guests a “Daleketable” treat with these Dalek Cupcake wrappers! Found here!


Doctor Who returns Saturday, March 30th at 8pm on BBC America!

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  1. Love! Those cupcakes are hilarious.


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