Food Review: The Molten Fudge from Burger King

Food Review: The Molten Fudge from Burger King

Well, I must admit I was skeptical when I got this bit of goodness. In case you’re wondering, a couple months ago BK came out with these fudge balls. PLEASE ABIDE BY THE NAME. This stuff is MOLTEN. They’re super hot BUT there is an option to have them swimming in creamy vanilla. Do that. Imagine the image above in place of the brownies in the image below, and that’s your sundae.


Hot fudgy balls in vanilla ice cream covered and surrounded by hot fudge. The ice cream cools the molten fudgy goodness and it ends up a goopy amazing mess. It comes in a cup, with a spoon, but now that I see these Oreo brownies I’m about to make another BK run. Hmmmm…bkdelivers!?! Perhaps. Until next time kids.

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