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Kickstarter of the Week: Twistocity

Twistocity Bannerrgb

Our Kickstarter of the Week is TWISTOCITY

Twistocity: Twisted Fun For Everyone

Twistocity, the first game from Mass Middle Games. MMG is a tabletop gaming company founded by Michael Kiely, who along with Adam Oliveira have spent the last two years creating Twistocity. I have to say, I was skeptical at first, I get approached by game makers every week trying to peddle a new game that is ‘going to revolutionize the industry’ and they’re usually crap. This, however, was different.

Twistocity is tongue twisters mixed with interactive group challenge game play. I often judge a game by my ability to explain it, simplicity and repeatability are paramount. Twistocity is made up of 250 cards, with 164 of those cards being original tongue twisters. The game is 14 +, played by up to six friends. A typical round takes place by separating the two types of cards: the tongue twisters and Twists. Each player takes turns by speaking a tongue twister card. If the player speaks the card correctly then they score that tongue twister as a game point and end their turn by taking two twist cards.

Twist Backs FinalrgbTongue Twister Backslrgb

Tongue Twister Shellfishes

Great art, right? Check out the Twists! Essentially the twists are cards that can be played by your opponents anytime (even out of turn) before you read your tongue twister. There are tons of these great twists, which are made up of Persona and Action cards. One of the Persona cards is called “On the Spot” and it will let you be and be able to use that big brain to come up with something even awesomer. Imagine, if you will, drawing this card and having to read it while doing your best impersonation of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast crossed with a T-Rex. You get the idea.

break a Leg FinalrgbBleep Blop BloopOntheSpot

They even have T-shirts. Either way, it’s awesome. Check out their Kickstarter at the link below and support Mike- he’s been a great asset at Hashtag over the years and we’re happy to help him as he takes his next step in becoming the next Steve Jackson. Need more explanation?

After you watch the video, click any of the words in this sentence and you’ll be magically transported to donate!


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