Tomorrowland! Endless wonder.

I don’t care what you read, or what those people on that radio show said. This movie is wonderful. It is awesome. It is amazing.

Consider those words:

Wonderful- Inspiring delight, full of wonder. This movie is that.

Awesome- causing or inducing awe, inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence. This movie is that.

Amazing- causing great surprise or wonder. This movie is that.

Those words are overused in most vernacular, and never in the right context. In a world of cynics and critics, Tomorrowland attempts to inspire and amaze. I’m not surprised a lot of people hate this movie, it’s all about possibilities and living for tomorrow. People are obsessed with themselves, pop culture, selfies, and living for today. Mostly because life is too easy for most people, and they need to complain about something to explain why their life isn’t glamorous or full of material wealth. I’ve always said if we awarded intelligence as highly as we awarded beauty or athletic prowess we would already have flying cars and there would be no disease, no hunger, and most likely no war. We would already live in Tomorrowland. But people crave conflict, world star hip hop and making themselves feel better by putting other people down. It’s deplorable. That’s why I love this movie, it showcases the errors in today’s society and without a ridiculous protest it actually tells people to ‘do something about it’. Not protesting, doing. Famine? Feed. Thirsty? Find a sustainable water solution. Environment? Fix it. Stop complaining, start acting. Activism has a REALLY important part of the word. Active. This movie actually partially chastises people for not doing anything to solve problems, only contributing to them. I think it has a lot of social commentary in that respect, something that may fly over kid’s heads.

This movie has no plot? Pssh. This movie’s plot is to inspire people to think, the point is to give people hope for a better tomorrow and encourage free thinkers and inventors and dreamers. I sat there with a big stupid smile on my face for this whole movie. Because “that’s me”, I thought to myself. “Finally, someone gets it”. That’s what I think was the biggest revelation for me, I’m a Disney movie. I love to imagine the possibilities in life, seeing it through rose-colored glasses. Don’t just talk about changing the world, be the change in the world you want to see.

I have a job designing magnificent things for communities and children. I also run a publishing firm of comic books that are meant to inspire and amaze. I think my life right now is built around the premise of Tomorrowland, maybe that’s why it hit a home run with me. Now on to the movie review: go see it in theaters, IMAX if you can. BUT only go see it if you’re an optimist.


Cloondog is a hopeful inventor, a kid that meets a strange young girl at the world’s fair. (he’s the kid on the right, in the beginning, and the old man on the left in the end) – the girl gives him this pin and he secretly makes his way to Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is a place that was created by Jules Verne, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Gustave Eiffel, an alternate universe where the big thinkers and the dreamers could create magnificent things without worrying about the mundanes in this world screwing it all up or trying to use it for nefarious means.


I think this is just concept art. Because I don’t recall this, but I liked it. In the film it shows “future” construction, like amazingly fast 3D printing of steel and glass. It is so amazing. Jet packs, pools with freestanding pits of water where you can jump in through the top and out through the bottom into another pool. I can’t find a picture. Damnit. Well you’ll just have to go see the movie.

Tomorrowland-2015-PosterI was at the Magic Kingdom in October, the entire park is super lame as an adult, but in retrospect if I were a little kid, I think Tomorrowland would still be my favorite part of the park. Sure, it doesn’t inspire wonder like the film, it mainly showed me that commercialism and exploitation and strollers are the totality of “fun” in Disney these days. If you’re into ‘wonder’, go to Universal. Sorry Disney. But the fact remains that Walt Disney was a visionary, much like Tony Stark and other fictitious Billionaires. Maybe Elon Musk is the closest we can find as a modern day comparison.


So, I’m not going to spoil anything. Take a trip in time, to another dimension, and imagine the impossible. It’s time to visit Tomorrowland.

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