The Mystery of Julia Winter

I was writing a piece called “Where are they now: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It was going GREAT!

Freddie Highmore (Charlie) – still acting, currently on Bates Motel, got kicked out of a bar during a charity event at Sundance because he was underage.


AnnaSophia Robb (Violet) – still acting- from Race to Witch Mountain to Soul Surfer, she’s a young little starlet.

Philip Weigratz (Augustus) – he’s either the German Justin Beiber or he’s still acting, not much recently but was in a dozen or so foreign films over the years.

Jordan Fry (Mike) – has done some bit parts in films over the years, was a voice of Lewis on Meet the Robinsons, was in the Seyfried project “Gone” where he had a small role and most recently he’s set to be a bigger role in next year’s Byrd and the Bees starring Johnathan Rhys Meyers.

Then there was Violet, sweet Julia Winter…

Her IMDB hasn’t been updated in ages. BUT she is listed as being part of Dolphin Tale 2. It could just be clever marketing, the dolphin’s name in Dolphin Tale 2 is Winter and even with my team of sleuths we can’t find a single image of her at a premiere or cast event. She’s listed as being a person called “Peyton”, but no images and no updates. The reporters that covered the premiere said she was there but nobody talked to her and there hasn’t been an image of her in the public domain in 10 pages of google search results. I am on the verge of trying Bing. Yup I said it.

If you CAN help me out, give us a comment with an update. She’s 21 years old, and we’d love to talk to her about what she’s been up to since her phenomenal debut on the chocolate bonanza. She was on Dick and Dom, but absolutely no film stuff between C&C chocolate music factory and Dolphin Tale 2

BTW- I’ve seen the one image from a year or so ago, it has no context but the timing of the pic is right around when they were shooting Dolphin Tale 2. It’s the only thing on the internet. Either she needs to fire her publicist or she just wants to lead a normal life. Understandable I suppose.








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  1. Years late but after a few bit parts after the movie she moved back to London then, once realizing she wasn’t interested in being an actress, moved back to Sweden and is now studying to be a doctor. But she’s still very close with Sophia Robb.

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