Monday Funday, just not on TV

Monday Funday, just not on TV

I don’t know if you watch TV on Monday nights, well we’re in a bit of a lull right now as it relates to good programming. So many shows are in transition that we were bound to get a few weeks of crap which is exactly where we are right now. Last night featured the second performance of American Ninja Warrior on NBC, Discover had Sharkzilla for #sharkweek, for some reason SyFy picked up a cancelled series called Do No Harm that they aired at 8, and the rest was basically a bunch of crap.

Luckily AMC saved the day and showed Demolition Man, so I got to hang out with Simon Phoenix and awkward Sandy Bullock. “He really matched his met, you really licked his ass”….man I miss writing like that.

TONIGHT: there are two networks that I call “summer savior” networks. They give the fluffy fun shows that you don’t really have to care about but you never want to miss. Thank you USA and TNT.

Rizzoli and Isles (9pm, TNT) – buddy cop dramedy with two adorable female stars, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have really great chemistry.

Covert Affairs (9pm, USA) – CIA gov. spy games conspiracy-laden drama featuring the smoking hot Piper Perabo (sex scene in Looper) as a CIA agent that manages to sleep with at least 2 new guys per season. The action is as constant as her sex drive and I’m hoping this doesn’t jump the shark because I want to see more Piper and I like the fact that they film in Canada and try to pass it off as DC.

Perception (10pm, TNT) – Eric McCormack (Will, from Will and Grace) is a schizophrenic (albeit eccentric) neuroscientist that helps the FBI solve cases, usually through talking to imaginary people and fun brain games. It’s a “who dun it” kinda copp-ish drama with my friend Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) playing opposit McCormack.

Suits (10pm, USA) – Suits is one of those shows you love to love, and it has some AMAZINGLY written characters. I have to admit Louis Litt (played brilliantly by Rick Hoffman) is probably one of the better characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Seeing as I watch 40 shows a week, that might help you click over to watch this one. It’s a lawyer show, not LA Law because they deal mostly in white collar stuff and they never really focus on the crime or the cops but more so the people and the lawyers. That’s why I think it’s really fun. Short premise: troubled post-college photographic-memory-having man crashes intern interview while escaping drug-deal-gone-bad. Uses mind to woo boss, friendship begins, job begins, conflict happens, love happens, in too deep, just roll with it…. and, scene. Watch the show.

That’s Good Chowder.

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