First clip from Arrested Development’s upcoming season!

I can’t wait to see what is coming up for the Bluth Family. I watched all three seasons all over again over the past couple of weeks. AND this is super funny. I will never understand why they cancelled this show in the first place. Reminder: There are still 24 days until May 26. #sadface

Doctor Who Review: Hide

This week we see The Doctor and Clara visit Professor Alec Plamer and his assistant Emma Grayling in the Caliburn mansion. The Mansion is haunted with a ghost known as the “witch of the well” who has apparently been there since before the mansion was even built.   The Professor is “tracking” the ghost that …

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Futurama is ending, again.

Once again the animated space comedy is going to meet its end. Comedy Central has elected not to renew Futurama for an eighth season. Futurama was canceled by Fox in 2003 but later picked up by Comedy Central and has been running the show since then.   The second half of season 7 starts on June 19th. These …

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