DrewTV 205 – The Walking Doctor is Dead

Drew and Sabrina talk about what they are looking forward to next season and what iconic roles they would like to see actors play.

DrewTV 204 – No Excuse for You

Drew and Sabrina talk about their favorite Sci-Fi shows. A A war between our hosts over Being Human UK and US is brewing.

DrewTV 203 – On the Bubble

In honor of the cancellation of Zero Hour, Drew and Sabrina talk about shows that should be canceled or were canceled too soon.

DrewTV 202 – This Show Will Have Spoilers!

This show will always have spoilers! Drew and Sabrina talk what they are watching now and what they thought was the best. The Walking Dead ranks high on our list. Our hosts also talk what they would pick if television had their own Oscars.

DrewTV 201 – The New DrewTV

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=n5IiXM5vfKA   Drew TV is BACK! And all new! Drew goes over the brand new show formant with new host Sabrina. Drew and Sabrina talk about what they are currently watching and what to expect from the new show. – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mydrewtv  

DrewTV 116 – Castle of Dead

DrewTV 116 – Castle of Dead Drew rushes to explain last night’s Castle and Walking Dead since there wasn’t much on because of Hurricane Sandy.

DrewTV 115 – Super Criminal Horror Arrow

Drew, once again wearing a stupid hat, talks about what happened in Supernatural, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story and Arrow while getting interrupted and scolded by Nora.

DrewTV 114 – NCIS and the New Hot Girl Set

Drew Talks about New Girl, Hot Set and both versions of NCIS.

DrewTV 113 – Alpha Haven

Drew blabbers on about Haven, Alphas, and Elementary. JV makes a little guest appearance and puts in his thoughts about Elementary and CW’s Arrow.

DrewTV 112 – The 20 Minute Maneuver

Drew talks about Supernatrual and Arrow again. Supernatural goes monster hunter and Arrow continues to be fantastic.

DrewTV 111 – 2 Broke Hot Affairs

Drew discusses 2 Broke Girls, Covert Affairs, goes on a tangent while talking about Hot Set, and skips news that he doesn’t really care about

DrewTV 110 – The Alpha Revolution

Drew talks about studio updates, Alphas and Revolutions.

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