Cooking with Hashtag

Cooking with Hashtag 11-27

NSFW – it’s just LANGUAGE. headphones on. also, some parts are muted because apparently Alexa doesn’t get that I can’t play copyrighted music. Watch Back at it, Cooking with Hashtag from HashtagStudios on SO – here’s the beginning of our recap posts, in case you just want the quick and dirty: Chipotle Chicken a la Hashtag stuffed with Cheesy Iberico Chorizo and grilled asparagus Ingredients for stuffed chicken: Chicken Breasts (you should probably just get boneless and skinless breasts to save the butchery) Cheese – swiss slices from deli Iberico Chorizo – slices also from deli Asparagus bunch Ingredients for greens: Pancetta Greens shallots All of this lovingly cooked with butter, oil and pam. Butter: salted, of course Oil: Coc...

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