Oscar Nominated Films on Netflix

Never got around to seeing all the Oscar-nominated films in theaters this winter? Didn’t have the desire to fork over eleven bucks to see something you knew you were going to hate anyway? Feeling socially defective because you can’t properly discuss current acclaimed films with your snobby friends during award season?

Never fear! Netflix is here to help you!

Although the narrative fiction films won’t touch down online (legally) for months – if ever – all but one of the Oscar-nominated documentaries are available streaming on Netflix.

oscar docs

And as an added bonus, one of the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, Denmark’s The Hunt, is also available.

If you’re a fan of Hannibal‘s Mads Mikkelsen I’d recommend The Hunt for his performance alone. Mikkelsen plays a man whose small-town world is turned upside down when he is accused of pedophilia. If you’re used to seeing him only as a villain, give it a watch and he’ll change your mind.

Also available on Netflix is the documentary Blackfish, about killer whales in captivity, which is on the list of this year’s Oscar snubs – along with Emma Thompson and Robert Redford, not bad company.

So, with this knowledge in tow, you can properly impress all your cinephile friends.

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