New ‘Penny Dreadful’ Teaser is F*ckin’ Creepy

penny dreadful

If you haven’t seen the promotional material for Showtime’s new series Penny Dreadful, you should because it’s creepy as hell. The newest teaser is no exception, opening with a Bram stoker quote and ending with pages of an immense volume being stitched through what looks like bleeding red flesh. The show is akin to a horror anthology with characters like Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein, and Dracula. Probably meant to compete with other horror-type shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful has the benefit of existing on a network with more latitude.

The cast and crew is exceptional. The series is backed by Skyfall director Sam Mendes, and the first two episodes are directed by The Orphanage‘s Juan Antonio Bayona. The cast includes Eva Green, Billie Piper, and Josh Hartnett.

The series premieres on Showtime on May 11th. Scroll down this page to see the teaser.

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