Lip Sync Battle. Yes Please.

Anything with The Rock, I’m in. This was the first battle- The Rock, Dwayne Johnson does “Shake It Off”, and battles Jimmy Fallon, who does a Harry Belafonte song “Jump in the Line”. I would have liked better if he had done something with a Beetlejuice throwback, but alas, he went for the Carmen Miranda version.

Next up, Fallon’s “Like a Prayer” versus the Rock “Stayin’ Alive”. Now, granted, neither of these performances would bring home a Grammy but hey, famous people are having fun being goofy and we always need more of that.

The next two on this special 2-episode opener were Common and John Legend. The latter happens to be married to the ‘color’ commentary specialist Chrissy Teigen, but I’ll get to her in a sec.

These two were a fairly substantial pile of ‘meh’, mostly because smooth as silk John Legend can’t dance. His performance is behind a piano, but it’s really nice to see him let loose.

This one has the best performance with Common doing “All Night Long”, that was fun.

Best part of the whole first two episodes.


Here is my problem with the series:


She’s hot, and allows the occasional sexist and/or chauvinist remark to fly in her general direction. But… her commentary sucks. Look, I love her hustle. 2007 she does a big Maxim shoot, meets John Legend at a model party and they start dating. 2010 her model pal Brooklyn Decker gets her a shot as SI Swimsuit girl then for the next 4 years she builds on that SI brand with a SUPER savvy “I’m going to take bts pics of the hottest women in the world for social media”. Now she has 2 million instagram followers, .75 million on the tweet box and I don’t even think she has a facebook because, well who needs facebook when you already have those other picture-based fan pages.

So, she’s the queen of taking pics of hot chicks, but I really wish she didn’t have to do this show. She adds nothing, and her version of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ when her husband was on the show seemed shallow, empty and forced. Get her a bunch of canned phrases, as the token girl, she needs to have a repertoire of funny quips prepared. Get her a writer, or get her gone. She’ll be put in the same miserable category as Nick Lachey’s wife trying to host Wipeout. Just awful.

In a show full of people that are famous for being talented, she is ‘famous’ for being cute. I just think she’s out of her league and for some reason SpikeTV wants her to be one of those accidental stars to transcend and I just don’t think it’s possible. I would love for her to prove me wrong.

That being said. LL Cool J may not be the best host but he’s genuine and has a good rap with the guests. so, job well done there James.

Watch the show, let me know what you think.


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