Hot New Trailer: Riddick!

Did Riddick jump the shark? This looks positively EXACTLY THE SAME as a nifty combination of 1 and “3”. I say 1 and 3 because 2 was an animated project that linked the two movies.

This is how the next movie is supposed to start:


Yep, call it “Furion of Thrones” or “Game of Diesel”, whatever you want, but this jacked motherf*cker is supposed to be leading a legion of half-deads to the Underverse. Do we find out what happens or are we just to assume that he walked away?

Either way I don’t know if I like it. I don’t see anything mind-blowing and it’s possible that Vin Diesel doesn’t have the same appeal for me as he did 5 years ago. Chronicles of The Rock? Now that’s a trilogy worth seeing.

I mean, yes I’ll see it opening weekend but don’t expect me to like it as much as I was going to before I saw this trailer. Damnit.

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