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Ghost of Catelyn Stark, revealed

Ghost of Catelyn Stark, revealed

Thanks to the internet for bringing this to my attention, and photoshop for allowing me to fan the flames of conspiracy. I read in an article today that a crazy fan thought he saw the ghost of Catelyn Stark in the scene last episode where the giant lady fights the child and Little Finger looks on creepily as I think everyone in the room wants him to die or go away.

SO, I zoomed, and searched the internet for an image of Catelyn in roughly the same gait. I found one. SO here they are, images, followed by the photoshop for illustration.

Here’s the full image snapped from The GoT episode:

In the background, as Arya is saying “You agreed to protect both my mother’s daughters,” a figure crosses the doorway. Here’s the full body image I found of Catelyn.

SO, I flipped it, darkened her body, lightened the surrounding ground to mimic the snow. This was the result. Pretty convincing I think.


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