Elder Scrolls: Blades Coming to Switch, Dragon Update Out Now For Smartphones

While many of us were probably waiting for more Elder Scrolls VI news, Bethesda’s E3 conference this year focused more on its Early Access mobile game.

An update for the Elder Scrolls: Blades, a first-person dungeon crawler, came out during the presentation and brings solo arena battles, a jewelry crafting system and a new quest-line centered around dragons. In the future, the developers plan to add multiplayer player-vs-player gameplay.

They’ve also announced Switch Blades (pun intended?) which comes out this Fall, for free. The game will have cross-play, allowing you to progress the same character on both your phone and your switch. Hopefully, we’ll see some graphical improvement when Blades is on our TVs.

Mobile players are also being given a limited time in-game currency reward, a gesture that seems like an attempt to regain good will from players after a shaky launch. Initially, annoying micro-transactions riddled the otherwise good game. Being an early access title, players gave their feedback and Bethesda has dialed back the loot boxes. Kind of.

For more details and some gameplay footage, check out the presentation:

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