A new level to being a “Crazy Cat Lady”

There is a very interesting reality show called “My Strange Addiction.” They show people addicted to eating sand, having intimate relationships with their cars, etc. More detail on those episodes later.

This episode’s name is “I Lick My Cat,” which alone tells a lot about it. This lady not only licks her cat, oh no, but also (because she thinks its fur has such an interesting texture) eats it. Don’t judge her, she looks at it carefully before putting in her mouth to make sure that it’s not “dirty,” and there is nothing on it that is not cat hair. After a careful analysis she puts a piece in her mouth, chews it for a while, takes it out, plays around with it (What-why?), and then puts it back in. She says it is just like cotton candy, which I really, really have a hard time believing.

But wait, you haven’t heard the weirdest part just yet! Towards the end of the video, just as you start thinking “This is really weird. I don’t think this video can get any weirder.”  Then she drops the bomb: “You could say maybe like a cotton ball taste. It’s much less of a flavor than human hair.” Why and how do you know how human hair tastes? No – no, wait. I’d rather not know.

She licks the cat like a mama cat would do to clean it, but she claims that she isn’t as crazy as people think she is. Oh no. She does not get too intimate with the cat, since she is “not like in her butt.”

Well, I don’t really see my addiction to caffeine as a bad thing anymore.

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