September 2014

Taken 3 #trailer

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”860″ height=”480″ autoplay=”yes”] Why would you go anywhere ever? Who is after him this time? I thought he killed everyone else? The man with the worst luck of all time, Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) is at it again, this time, he is the one that says “Good Luck” to the people chasing him. …

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Brunettes Shoot Blondes [music vid]

It’s the music video for their album “Knock Knock”. This looks like an intense amount of planning and animations! Wouldn’t be a terrible Apple commercial, either. [su_youtube url=”” width=”860″ height=”480″ autoplay=”yes”]

Cuddlr App [Tech]

I don’t get it. I just, I just don’t get it. Okay so this has the superficial nature of Tindr without the guarantee possibility of sex. I don’t want to say that Tindr isn’t great for single people, it’s like, sometimes you just need a change of pace. But cuddling, who on earth just …

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Big Hero 6 [Trailer] 2

this #trailer looks great. completely different feel than the first, no less awesome. [su_youtube url=”” width=”860″ height=”480″ autoplay=”yes”]

TV to Watch – Fall 2014

I know, it’s hard to choose what to watch. There are so many options, so many great shows returning and LOTS of new content. Here are MY recommendations, the winners this season appear to be CBS and Fox. -updated- there will be more coming, most of the shows start this week and next, but here’s …

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