Spider-Man: Homecoming – Movie Review

Being a teenage boy is hard work. You have to balance school, sports, band, girls, changes in your body, and being Spider-Man. Wait what? Peter Parker, the story we’ve seen a thousand times with Toby, Andrew and now Tom Holland. However, I must say that with the full support of Marvel and the reuniting of Spidey into the MCU, this one had a totally different feel. A new high-tech spidey suit from Tony Stark, high school woes, a goofy mascot best friend, a love interest that goes sideways with a crazy twist, TWICE. Spider-Man is coming off the heels of his Avenger Team-Up from Civil War, (we see clips of that in the film, pretty cool actually to see it from the kid’s point of view), and he wants nothing more than to drop out of school and be an Avenger, unfortunately there is a ...

Possible Spider-Man 4 Storyboards Revealed

With his smash hit in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man seems to be getting a bit of a comeback especially with the Web-head getting his own stand alone movie coming  in 2017 entitled Spider-Man: Homecoming. New Images recently surfaced recently showing story-boards for Spider-Man 4 which was canceled after the backlash of Spider-Man 3.  The images revealed him doing battle with The Vulture who is highly rumored to be in Homecoming and being portrayed by Michael Keaton. Other images show a run in with Mysterio, a magician turned super-villain, who uses Illusions to combat the Web-Swinger; as well as Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. for people do not know who Felicia Hardy is, She acts as a love interest to Parker in the comics as almost his own Catwoman. She is well a Cat Burglar who walk...

Mouthy Merc Meets Webbed Wonder This Fall in SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1!

Yes you heard right True Believer! Two great heroes that hero great together! Later this year, the two most popular characters in the world are together for their very own ongoing series! That’s right – SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1 is coming your way, chock full of wallcrawling, wisecracking and bad guy punching! Blockbuster creators andthelegendary Deadpool creative team of Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness reunite once more to chronicle the ongoing adventures of Peter Parker and Wade Wilson! But what to call this terrible twosome? The Merc-y Neighborhood Deadpool? The Spider with a Mouth? They’ll figure it out eventually. Deadpool LOVES Spider-Man. Spider-Man hates Deadpool. Sounds like a perfect match! So what on Earth could be enough bring these two together for a titanic team-up in the merry Ma...

Sony and Marvel agree on Spider-Man Star and Director

From Marvel News Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are proud to announce that after a full worldwide casting search, Tom Holland will play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the next Spider-Man film, in theaters in IMAX and 3D on July 28, 2017.  The film will be directed by Jon Watts, director of “Cop Car,” the upcoming thriller that made its debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Marvel and Sony Pictures, and producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal conducted an extensive search for both the actor and the director.  The studios and producers were impressed by Holland’s performances in “The Impossible,” “Wolf Hall,” and the upcoming “In the Heart of the Sea,” and by a series of complex screen tests.  Following Marvel’s tradition of working with the br...

Director Short List for Marvel’s Spider-Man revealed

Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) Ted Melfi (St. Vincent) Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) John Francis Daley (Bones) Jonathan M. Goldstein (Vacation)

BatH 12-11 Spiderman, Judge Dredd, Rumbles

Welcome back to Billy and the Hawk – this episode the boys talk about the new Spiderman, Noah and Godzilla! This week’s rumble – Judge Dredd vs. Spiderman! www.hashtagstudios.tv www.facebok.com/hashtagstudiosdc Check out this episode

Spider-Man 2 Giamatti’s Rhino [gallery]

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