Codenames Harry Potter


CODENAMES: Harry Potter is a fun, easy-to-learn cooperative word and picture deduction game for Harry Potter fans of all game levels. Based on Codenames Duet, players help their teammates locate secret Agents who are concealed among a grid of Harry Potter references. Use only one-word clues to guide guessers to the right spots, or hidden Death Eaters will cost them the win.

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Work your magic as a Member of the Order of the Phoenix in CODENAMES: Harry Potter, a cooperatively clandestine game for Harry Potter fans! Death Eaters are hot on your trail as you attempt to inform a fellow operative where there are other Members that you must contact. All of them are hidden behind pictures and word Clues that both of you can see… but in order to be discreet, only one word and one number can be spoken to describe their locations!

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