You Are Wretched

But this is not the end of your story. After a life spent chasing wealth and excess, your cruelty and corruption have finally caught up with you. That’s why you were thrown overboard by your shipmates – left to die in the icy black sea. But in this world of surprises, that was not your destiny.

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Moments before vanishing into endless darkness, you wash ashore amid the ruins of a remote island where you are revived by a traveler. As you open your eyes to your bizarre new home, you find that something better – something stranger – has awakened inside you. Now, there is work to be done. You have nothing but the beating of your heart, the breath in your lungs, and a tarnished past pleading to be rewritten.

Four expansions are included: Treachery, Guilds & Monuments, Myths & Wonders, and Expansion Regions.


1 Visual Guide (Rulebook)
1 Lore / Art Book
1 Double-Sided Game Board
5 Power Boards
5 Metal Player Medallions
5 Monument Boards
5 Metal Guild Favor Tokens
5 Player Trays
1 Community Tray
4 Metal Trigger Tokens
7 Plastic Miniatures
1 Black Monster Die (22mm)
1 White Attribute Die (22mm)
5 Double-sided Reference Sheets
1 Embroidered Cloth Pouch
117 Wooden Blocks
5 Wooden Scoring Discs
6 Mastery Tiles
24 Proficiency Tiles
10 Speed Tiles
5 Player Tiles
34 Hexagonal Region Tiles
69 Companion Cards
15 Pet Cards
12 Loot Cards
6 Infused Crystal Cards
16 Secret Quest Cards
19 Relic Cards
16 Monster Cards
19 Trait Cards
12 Journey Cards
12 End Game Trigger Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 45-150 minutes

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