Squarriors the Card Game


Squarriors TCG is a turn based strategy game.

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Squarriors TCG has no deck of cards to draw from; all of your cards start in play or in your hand.
Squarriors TCG offers many different ways to attack or undermine your opponent, including:

  • Stealth Attacks: Use your spies and assassins to infiltrate the enemy and kill high valued targets.
  • Manipulation Attacks: Use cunning and persuasion to convince creatures of another tribe to join you.
  • Dominance Attacks: Send in a full army to demolish your enemy.
  • Leadership Challenges: Weaken your opponent’s Morale, Influence, or Discipline by a display of leadership and will.

All cards in Squarriors TCG have multiple purposes. Tactic cards, after they have been played, have additional function when added to your strategy chains. Management of your strategy chains is a key part of winning.

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