Slyville is a game of bluffing and deceit for 3-5 players, in which your resource management matters just as much as your poker face, and your ability to figure out the opponents’ strategies. Try to predict which Goods your adversaries might need, and do your best to upset their plans… but above all, secure the most valuable Deals for yourself!

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As head of a guild operating in one of the world’s major trade and cultural centers in the Middle Ages, you will be sending your trusted henchmen to various districts to find trade bargains, make deals, and provide your organization with more power and wealth — maybe not always in a way that is completely legal, but the end justifies the means, doesn’t it?

Players use Action cards to acquire Goods available in various Districts and spend them on Deal tiles. The goal of the game is to score at least 100 Influence Points through completing Deals.

3-5 players
Ages 10+
45 minute play time

6 city board pieces
35 action cards
12 Prince’s decree cards
30 deal tiles
5 guild sheets
Over 80 tokens and markers

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