Can you feel the presence of the virtuous Goddess Minerva at your back? There is nothing in the Roman Empire that her silent, guiding hand has not touched. Our great cities are blessed with her gifts: arts, trade, and strategy. If you wish to build in the Empire, you must heed her call to create a city worthy of her mark.

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In Minerva, players are state managers deployed by the Roman Empire to develop flourishing cities in the image of Rome to enact its policies. The manager with the most prosperous city will be in the favor of the Empire and the Goddess herself.

To create the most prosperous city, players race to build military and cultural facilities to assist cultrual activities and construct temples and layout the city so that it is worthy of its temples. But all of this requires resources and gold. And only building impressive buildings won’t get anyone far without any inhabitants. The players will have to build living quarters so that the other bulidings can have an effect.

134 Location Tiles
24 Culture Tiles
6 Round Tiles
16 Glory Tiles
96 Denarii Coin Tokens
20 Assistant Tokens
4 Order Tiles
108 Resource Tokens
27 Glory Tokens
4 Summary Sheets
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes