King’s Life


It’s Monday in a king’s life and laborious kingly duties have made for one irritable monarch. Good thing our fair ruler devotes every other day of the week to kingly delights.

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Come Tuesday, it’s up to his courtiers to pull his highness out of this funk. Each day left in the week brings different demands. A hunt! A feast! A tourney! A ball! The cunning courtier that can tickle the tyrant’s fancy with his or her own grand plan will be in the king’s good graces and enjoy a coveted seat on the royal council.

71 Suggestion Cards
4 Activity Preference Cards
5 Day Cards
5 Support Bonus Tokens
8 Player Standees
8 Player Support Tokens
1 First Player Marker
1 Game Board

Ages: 10+
Players: 4-8
Game Length: 30 minutes