Cyclades – Hades Expansion


  • Suitable for 2 to 6 players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Not a complete game as it requires Cyclades basic game to play

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The Cyclades are currently at peace, but the sound of furious battles still echoes in our memories. Is this a long lasting peace or nothing but a short truce? There are whispers that Hades will soon return, bringing his undead phalanxes and ghost ships. Every city-state will need to demonstrate their skills at recruiting powerful heroes and gaining the favors of all the gods of Olympus, even terrifying Hades, to extend its supremacy over his opponents. This box contains several modules which can be incorporated one by one into the basic game, according to the desires and experience levels of the players. The game box contains 22 tiles (1 Hades tile, 1 Necropolis building ship, 4 Theater building ships, 8 Prosperity Markers, 8 Divine Favors Tiles), 30 cards (6 heroes, 10 magic items, 5 mythological creatures, 9 priestesses), 17 figurines (5 undead troops, 5 undead fleet, 6 hero figurines, 1 Cerberus figurine) and a rulebook.

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