A Feast For Odin


In this epic game, command a band of Vikings to trade, hunt, raid, pillage, and plunder in search of wealth and glory for your tribe.

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A Feast for Odin is a saga in the form of a board game, from acclaimed designer Uwe Rosenberg.

You will experience the Viking way of life in this strategic worker placement game. Each player explores new territories—and raids the villages they find there—to increase their wealth and glory, while also taking part in day-to-day activities, such as gathering food to feed their band of hungry Vikings.

Players delve into the land of Vikings and determine which tasks their band will perform. Send some Vikings to produce goods—such as wool, spices, and silver. Then send others to trade these goods for more valuable resources.

Or send a ship to explore new lands, adding more boards—and even more options—to the home board. The goal is to fill the home board with a horde of goods collected from the activities chosen.

Goods tiles come in different sizes, however, so make sure to find room for them on the board. By placing tiles strategically, players can cover spaces that reduce the final score and raise income to increase wealth.

Players must strike a balance between accumulating wealth through raids and providing for the tribe’s basic necessities. The Viking chieftain who can best maintain this balance will emerge victorious!

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